At IZAR, our consultants specialize in implementing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology to perform successfully at our Clients. By leveraging the SDLC methodology in creating or altering existing applications, our consultants “fit like a glove” in their ability to work efficiently and effectively with the Client.

Our customers have discovered that by implementing the SDLC methodology in their projects, there is no dependency on having one particular infrastructure configuration. Applications can easily connect and share data with others systems. And implementing a customized system takes less time than it takes to implement a package. These are simply a few benefits observed by our clients.


Claims Processing
The primary objective of this project was to implement a new claims processing system that replaced a previous system that had existed for several decades. A secondary objective was to integrate the subscriber information with their respective claims information by creating a web portal.

The project required several key components for a successful, on-time delivery. Effective project management was needed from beginning to end. Appropriate infrastructure needed to be built and staffed accordingly in order to build the web portal. Quality assurance methodologies were used to ensure on time and on budget project delivery. Development used the iterative process and procedure, leveraging shared resource and finances through joint development with a sister company. Implementation, deployment, and end user training and rollout were all managed successfully. And finally, customer training was provided throughout all phases of the project.